Research & Development

    Fortune Brains Creative Solutions Private Limited is a leading business process outsourcing organization that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value.

    We commenced operations in 2008, now, with a presence in 3 countries across 3 continents, & a comprehensive range of services across diverse business, we are one of the leading business support system company.

    The R&D strategy is our blueprint for success in the years ahead. It describes how we plan to advance innovative Researches that Clients and companies will value. It prioritizes the targets and technologies that Fortunebrains finds most promising, and identifies ways to maximize productivity. The strategy is inspired, in part, by new and historic breakthroughs in Technologies & development. These advances are making it possible to pinpoint the molecular roots of disease, and no company is better positioned than Fortunebrains to seize the resulting opportunities. "TO PROVIDE OUR CLIENTS QUALITY TRANSCRIPTS ON TIME, EVERY TIME" We shall aim to develop the organization to achieve and sustain market reputation for quality and market leadership. Every transcript generated by Fortune Brains Creative Solutions shall aim to meet the requirements of the clients.

    Making quality a company priority, an organizational imperative, and a personal ethics, R&D constantly strives to improve itself. At R&D, we combine accuracy with an intense degree of fact-checking. We have a clear understanding of the importance of quality and commitment to deadlines. The business world is being flattened by economics, technology, demographics and regulations. To win in this flattening world, companies must transform their way of working to seek and convert new opportunities wherever those opportunities may arise. This means acquiring the ability to disaggregate your operations, people and resources across time zones, geographies, cultures and sourcing and delivering.

We believe that our strength lies in our people. We believe that people are our assets and it is people who will ensure or success. Our business environment is dynamic, typified by a high degree of competition and rapid technological advances. Success in such a situation demands that we continuously challenge ourselves to higher levels of individual and collective performance. Toward this, we aim to provide an enabling and positive environment that will motivate our employees and facilitate achievement and maintenance of superior levels of performance.